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Gaming and electronic gadgets

About Azolt

Azolt is a company based on invention and innovation, targeting the needs of gamers through its unique products. Through professional keyboards and other gaming gadgets, we optimize your gaming experience to the fullest.

Our Mission

To connect gamers in a distinct and unique way by catering to their special needs by providing gadgets that are optimized to offer the best gaming experience.

We’re a dedicated bunch serving passionate gamers just like us all over the world with our products. We’re driven by sheer persuasion of inventing something new, something more. We feel as if gamers’ needs aren’t provided much – there are a lot of basic gadgets to go around, but not much that is unique and extraordinary. Thus we decided to take the initiative into our own hands, combined our love for creating stuff and established Azolt to be the name that caters specifically to gamers.

Our mindset that is a unique combination of traditional and creative is apparent from the symbolism behind the name Azolt. The name represents the keyboard: letters A – Z form the ‘AZ’ and numeric 0 – 1 form the ‘ol’, and the ‘t’ stands for technology = Azolt. The numbers on traditional keyboards are 1 – 0 but we added our own touch to make it 0 – 1, remaining traditional yet being creative.



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Multi-Color LED Illuminated USB Half Mechanical Macro Enabled Rotary Dial Azolt gCrusader Gaming Keyboard Three color LED backlights add subtle color and ambiance to dim gaming stations Create and store macros to perform with a single keystroke The half mechanical …

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